Don't Miss Out on These Top Unique Eats in Auckland!

Do Not Miss Out on These Top Unique Eats in Auckland!

Auckland, the culturally diverse metropolis, offers plenty of unique spots for your yummy adventures. Let’s follow Jaimee, a lifestyle blogger (@such_a_kitsch) and self-confessed kooky internet Aunt to find out more!

Do Not Miss Out on These Top Unique Eats in Auckland!

Sneaky Snacky 

Sneaky Snacky, originally a month-long pop-up store at Ostro, is a nostalgic donut burger shop. The eatery represents the ‘vaporwave’ video and music cultures from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong in the 80s. With super friendly service and a menu packed with doughnut burgers, juicy Nashville hot chicken, and MSG fries, the shop ranks top 10 in Metro Magazine Cheap Eats.   

Mighty Hotdog  

Mighty Hotdog is one of the most iconic and beloved Auckland eats. You can enjoy various hotdog flavours, including the original, the nacho, the cheese rocket and more! Not to mention the special Moro chocolate dessert! Adopting the authentic Korean recipe, their hotdogs have the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours. Come and visit this colourful eatery with yellow walls and black tables.  

Delightful Fatcarons  

A Fatcaron, as its name implies, is twice as thick as traditional French Macarons, but don’t be scared away by its appearance! It tastes more delightful and less sweet than you imagine. As the first Fatcaron store in the city, Daldang has been continuously perfecting its products. The creamy filling and aesthetic design have attracted many enthusiasts!  

Talulah, the Tiki Bar 

Come and visit Talulah, a tropical cocktail bar. Immerse yourself in the South Pacific paradise with a beautiful view across Auckland Harbour. It’s decorated as a tiki bar of the 1940s and 50s, with modern-day contemporaries like Dirty Dick, Three Dots and a Dash, and Smugglers’ Cove. Their signature drink, Donovan’s Reef, is created with fresh juices and custom-made syrups, helping you escape the ordinary! 

Good luck Coconut  

Another tiki bar located along the seashore, Good Luck Coconut has a magnificent sea view. It serves some of the best cocktails and Asia-Pacific-inspired cuisines. Relax in the island vibe and enjoy the exceptional service. Their Hawaiian uniforms also make the bar stand out from the rest! 

Everybody Eats  

With a mission to reduce food waste, food poverty, and social isolation, Everybody Eats offers an opportunity for the community, you and me to help. You can support their mission by volunteering, donating, or simply dining in. By filtering the perfectly good food that would originally go to waste, the welcoming space provides different menus every day for anyone to eat and join the community. While promoting the pay-as-you-feel dining experience, they successfully brought people together and gave back to society with delicious meals. 

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