OODLZ. | Leading the way in sustainability

OODLZ. | Leading the way in sustainability

OODLZ is not only about encouraging New Zealanders to have more fun in their everyday activities, but also about promoting a sustainable lifestyle and doing good for the environment. Our platform connects individuals (Oodlerz), communities, businesses, public sectors and non-profit organisations to create a greener New Zealand together.

OODLZ. | Leading the way in sustainability

Why is sustainability important for OODLZ?

As an innovative lifestyle app, OODLZ was born with a mission to help kiwis have more fun, care for themselves and others, and support local communities. This also includes caring for the environment we live in. “We are passionate about motivating kiwis to discover new places and experiences which also means we are helping small businesses, charities and communities along the way. It is equally important to us that we respect and care for our planet. That is why, every completed OODLZ Experience Card is 100% carbon offset. Basically, we are obsessive about people having fun, helping communities and caring for our planet,” said Gina Paladini, Chief of Purpose at OODLZ.

Carbon Offsetting

At OODLZ, there are so many ways to do good for the environment whether it be by doing a “Do Good Experience Card" or knowing that when you complete any card that your carbon footprint is off set. 

Carbon offsetting is a crucial element of our sustainable approach. So, what exactly is carbon offsetting? It is a measurable and transparent method to neutralise carbon footprint through projects that offer social and economic benefits to communities. When an individual or a business emits one tonne of carbon dioxide, they purchase one carbon credit to offset this emission. OODLZ has been actively working with TEM, the largest buyer of voluntary offsets in Australasia, to reduce Oodlerz’s carbon footprint across the country. On average, we offset 100km of carbon emissions per completed Experience Card. This enables a greener lifestyle without our users even realising it. 


We also actively work with non-profit organizations and the public sector to create sustainability-driven experiences. It encourages Oodlerz to take responsible actions, such as volunteering, donating, and charitable shopping while completing Experience Cards. OODLZ has worked with StudyAKLBirdCare AotearoaWhakatipu Reforestation TrustTourism New Zealand and more organisations to decarbonise our lifestyles, societies and economies.

Do you want to create a richer, more sustainable experience for your business on OODLZ? Contact us today!