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Our Story

We are a small team trying to make a big impact!

Story of OODLZ

The idea of OODLZ was born when Covid-19 hit New Zealand. Our Chief of Purpose, Gina Paladini wanted to help the tourism industry and the country that she loves. She decided to create a new way to incentivise and motivate kiwis to explore more of their beautiful country (no easy feat for a nation of predictable folks who love to stick to what they know: the beach, the bach and the BBQ!).

The concept was relatively simple - gamifying a great day or weekend, and rewarding people for doing so! When New Zealanders get out and play, they are then supporting businesses and communities, so it is a win/win scenario.

So, the OODLZ app was created – a lifestyle app that leaves a lasting impact on New Zealand’s unique people and places!

“Covid affected so many lives and businesses. We wanted to find a way to help New Zealanders and the many people, businesses and communities that were suffering. So, I tapped into 28 long years of working in the tourism and technology industries to build an app that creates positive change highlighting the magic that can occur when people and technology unite.”

Behind OODLZ is a passionate team that’s obsessive about people having fun, helping communities, and caring for our planet. Each OODLZ Experience Card has 16 handpicked activities that are fun and is either free or supports a locally owned business or charity. Since OODLZ is encouraging people to get out, it may include the need to drive. Therefore, we make sure every Experience Card you complete is 100% carbon offset.

“We are a small team trying to make a big impact. If passion and commitment is a measure of success, then I am sure OODLZ will continue to benefit oodles of New Zealanders and communities.”

Story of OODLZ