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Frequently Asked Questions

OODLZ is rewarding in so many ways. Not only do you collect a wide range of rewards for having fun doing everyday activities, but you get to participate in super fulfilling activities that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Find out more about OODLZ below - & if you still have questions, reach out & we'll be sure to help!

What is OODLZ?

OODLZ is an inspirational & interactive lifestyle app that encourages people to get curious about what they can discover throughout New Zealand - & rewards them for doing something new. 

How do I play?

Search for a fun experience near you by choosing a special interest. There are 16 activities on each Experience Card that are worth 10, 20, 30, or 40 points.

You gain these points every time you complete an activity which can be done by taking a quiz, snapping a picture, checking in at a location, purchasing an item/experience, scanning a QR code, or referring a friend to play OODLZ.

How do I earn rewards?

Complete three or more activities on an Experience Card to reach 100 points! Once you do, you'll win an instant reward!   

What rewards are up for grabs?

We have many instant rewards up for grabs; check out an experience card to see what reward awaits you! 

How do I see what rewards I've earned?

It's simple, visit 'My Dashboard' in the OODLZ app and select 'My Rewards'. Here, you'll be shown your available, redeemed, & expired rewards. 

How do I claim a reward?

Visit 'My Dashboard', select 'My Rewards', then select the reward you want to redeem from your available rewards. Show the code to the operator at the relevant business to redeem. 

Is OODLZ online, or do I need the app?

Our OODLZ website lets you check out what Experience Cards & activities are available. To play, all you need to do is download the app. 

Is there a cost to play OODLZ?

It’s free! Actually - it's better than free... WE reward YOU for playing! 

I run a business/charity/community group or I'm an influencer in NZ; how can I work with OODLZ?

We love to work with new people, so please email us at [email protected]   

Can I create an Experience Card?

Yes, and we would love you to! It's simple, fill out this online form & a team member will be in touch with you. 

Can I gain points by referring a friend to play OODLZ?

Yes, you can refer a friend as an activity completion method and gain points. 

Can I play more than 1 Experience Card at a time?

Yes, you can start playing as many Experience Cards as you want, even if you have not yet completed them.

How can I see what other OODLERZ are doing?

You can see what our OODLERZ are up to by checking out the Image Gallery on the OODLZ app.


So much fun

Getting all sorts of inspirational ideas for what to do as a family here in New Zealand


I love it! Such a great tool to use when planning a trip away, with so many great suggestions & prizes


Loving this app. Inspires what I can do in my local area and supports local which is a huge plus!