OODLZ - innovative platform for events and festivals to smash engagement and measure success

Events & Festivals

Engage with your audience, show return on investment to sponsors, provide a bespoke experience to attendees & gain real-time event data & insights.

If you are hosting a business, community, corporate, or major festival & want to:

·      Engage with attendees

·      Drive a richer experience

·      Add more fun to the event

·      Manage dispersal

·      Distribute prizes/merchandise

·      Gain insights to share with sponsors and exhibitors,  

then OODLZ is that platform to make all of that happen.

OODLZ can help elevate your event, mobilise attendees, generate first-party data, increase event engagement, capture User Generated Content, and more.

All this while providing your event team and sponsors with incredible insights and understanding of audience engagement. 

See how OODLZ captures data like no other channel