OODLZ. | Boosting Student Engagement with Gamified Experiences & Insights

OODLZ. | Boosting Student Engagement with Gamified Experiences & Insights

OODLZ provided StudyAKL - a Tataki Auckland Unlimited program, with gamified student orientation, boosted engagement with local Auckland businesses, rich data on the student market and more!

The Campaign 

StudyAKL (a key program of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited) worked with OODLZ to gamify their student orientation, encourage students in Auckland to discover their city, and engage with community groups and charities. OODLZ incentivised the students and boosted student engagement with local businesses while also providing  StudyAKL with rich data and insights. 

The Challenges 

How do we effectively engage tertiary students in Auckland? 

How do we enrich students’ experience while studying and living in Auckland? 

How do we encourage tertiary students to visit more locations in Auckland and support local businesses? 

How do we generate data to identify what students want and enjoy? 

How can we capture user-generated content to better promote students’ experiences in Auckland? 

The Solution 

Leverage the power and innovation of OODLZ’s to deliver on all challenges. 

Four Experience Cards were created on the OODLZ app - Discover Auckland, Best Student Eats as well as one to get involved with Auckland social and community causes plus one for Environmental and Sustainability activities.   

Each Experience Card had 16 different activities for students to enjoy including local walks, restaurant recommendations, volunteer events, donation opportunities, and fun quizzes. OODLZ motivated and incentivised students to participate in these activities by offering the opportunity to win a free Domino’s pizza per completed Experience Card. 

Social media were the main channels to promote the StudyAKL Experience Cards. Both organic and paid campaigns were crafted across OODLZ’s Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, in addition to the Students in Auckland Facebook group, StudyAKL’s Instagram & Facebook page, and partner organisation’s social media platforms.  

Two events were hosted to support the campaign, namely the Eat My Lunch volunteering week and The All Blacks Experience for international students.  

The Results 

StudyAKL Infographic A.png