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OODLZ. | Smashing Engagement Levels and Data Insights for Heart of the City

OODLZ's unique digital platform created a richer experience for event goers & delivered deeper insights to event organisers during City of Colour.

What is City of Colour? 

Heart of the City in partnership with the Auckland City Council put on an event in May 2022 called City of Colour. The event turned Auckland’s city centre into a magical wonderland with over 50 art and light installations. OODLZ assisted Auckland Council and Heart of the City on this event, leveraging our digital platform to create a richer experience for event-goers and provide insights to event organisers. 

What were the challenges?

How do we promote the event to Aucklanders and also encourage them to visit multiple times and to multiple locations? 

How can we encourage Aucklanders to do more when they come into the city for the event? 

How do we provide a richer experience for Aucklanders and provide value to our business owners in the CBD? 

How do we get data to understand the demographics of who is attending this event, what are they spending, where are they going? 

How can we capture UGC to share authentic experiences during and post the promotion?  

The Solution 

Engage with the OODLZ platform and team to deliver on all challenges.  

Eight OODLZ Experience Cards were created based on Auckland’s eight precincts. Each one had 16 different activities for event-goers to enjoy, including visiting that precinct's light installations, fun quiz questions to educate event-goers plus visits to the local cafes and businesses.  

The multiple precinct Experience Cards encouraged people to head out and re-discover the Auckland CBD multiple time during City of Colour, and they were incentivised to do so with each Experience Card providing the opportunity to win a free $10 Dinefind voucher. 

The City of Colour Experience Cards were promoted through highly targeted social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Google. The campaigns were used to drive interest and awareness of the event and support the downloading of the OODLZ app for a rich experience of The City of Colour.  

The Results 

City of Colour Results Infographic 2.jpg

What Heart of the City had to say

Heart of the City was impressed with what OODLZ achieved.  

“OODLZ provided a fun and engaging way of highlighting all the great experiences there are to be had - whether it be checking out a new opening, discovering a hidden gem, enjoying a delicious Cheap & Cheerful dining offer, and of course exploring all the City of Colour installations.” – Heart of the City

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