OODLZ. | Disrupting the Visitor Economy since 2022

OODLZ. | Disrupting the Visitor Economy since 2022

There are so many great things about OODLZ, The environmental benefits, the support for charities & the educational opportunities to name just a few! But one of OODLZ’ really special qualities is its power to support & grow the visitor economy in an innovative way while enriching the lives of kiwis.

 OODLZ. | Disrupting the Visitor Economy since 2022

So what exactly is the visitor economy?

Despite reading like highfaluting industry jargon, the ‘visitor economy’ is less technical than it sounds. And it’s not just about tourism; in fact it refers to the financial benefits that extend across a whole range of sectors when a person (that could be you!) visits somewhere new. We’re not just talking holidays here either – benefits also flow from visiting a local coffee shop for the first time or taking the kids to a new playground a few suburbs away.

OODLZ Programme Manager Matt Stenton says that OODLZ users are actually part of the visitor economy without even realising it.

“OODLZ is disrupting the visitor economy by rewarding people for doing what they might do every day—but in places they may not have been to or even considered visiting before.”

So the visitor economy is big businesses – but it’s not just for big businesses. It extends across nine different sectors: accommodation; food & beverage; travel & tour services; rental & hiring services; arts & recreation; retail trade; education & training; & charities. These are sectors you probably already engage with every day – you just don’t reap the tangible rewards… (But that’s where OODLZ comes in.)


OODLZ of discovery

There’s something else OODLZ does well that’s making waves across the visitor economy. It’s providing more visibility to businesses, institutions, community groups & charities; offering more opportunities to be discovered & experienced by a whole new audience.

Matt says that not only does OODLZ encourage users to do things in their own backyards, but it encourages them to move outside their own regions into communities they may not ordinarily consider due to lack of knowledge, unconscious bias or the simple comfort of sticking to what they know.

“With OODLZ, users are exposed to a whole new world of potential experiences that they may not have known existed. Users can input their preferences – whether it be fine dining, adrenaline or family-friendly activities—& we open up the doors and incentivise them to discover these new places,” says Matt.

“This really is a win-win for both users & the visitor economy. We’re helping to disperse visitors across regions by showing people, for example, that contrary to popular belief, Taupo and Queenstown aren’t the only places in New Zealand to go bungee jumping!”

Doing OODLZ more

OODLZ is also disrupting the visitor economy by promoting more authentic, well-rounded visitor experiences. OODLZ doesn’t just promote popular tourist activities or landmarks, it encourages visitors to experience more of what a region has to offer by incentivising users to visit local restaurants, attend community events or answer questions about the local culture or environment too.

“We focus on making our experience cards interesting, accessible and fun!,” says Matt.

“In this way we are changing the way people connect to different regions & support the visitor economy—giving kiwis opportunities to learn, explore & give back for a happier, healthier New Zealand.