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Fun Brand Awareness Insights Engagement Rewards


Capture Rich Insights

Gain robust data from demographics, locations and dispersal to perceptions and future intent

Generate OODLZ of UGC

Authentic content is king and OODLZ is powerful at generating UGC

Drive Activation & Engagement

Offer instant rewards to motivate and incentivise engagement


Newest Experience Cards - 16 Fun Activities on Each!

Whitianga Farmily Fun
  • Coromandel
  • FREE Extra Value Range

Holiday the Kiwi family way in Whitianga! Beaches, water, animals and ice cream!

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Best Ice Cream & Freakshakes of Auckland
  • Auckland
  • FREE Extra Value Range

Looking for delicious fun? We have tasted lots of shakes and ice cream to share with you the very best looking, tasting and more fun Ice Cream and Freakshakes of Auckland!

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Ross Hidden Gems
  • West Coast
  • $10 Ross Goldfields Gift Voucher

Located on the West Coast of New Zealand, Ross has many hidden gems that you must explore! Learn about the small town's history during the 'West Gold Rush' and discover gold yourself! That's right...real GOLD!

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So much fun

Getting all sorts of inspirational ideas for what to do as a family here in New Zealand


I love it! Such a great tool to use when planning a trip away, with so many great suggestions & prizes


Loving this app. Inspires what I can do in my local area and supports local which is a huge plus!


OODLZ. | Leading the way in sustainability

OODLZ is not only about encouraging New Zealanders to have more fun in their everyday activities, but also about promoting a sustainable lifestyle and doing good for the environment. Our platform connects individuals (Oodlerz), communities, businesses, public sectors and non-profit organisations to create a greener New Zealand together.

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What is OODLZ?

OODLZ is an inspirational & interactive lifestyle app that encourages people to get curious about what they can discover throughout New Zealand - & rewards them for doing something new. 

How do I play?

 Users - or "OODLERZ" - gain points every time they complete an activity on an Experience Card, which consists of 16 Activities.

After completing an activity, an OODLER will earn either 10, 20, 30, or 40 points.   

Activities include things like taking a quiz, snapping a picture, checking in at a location, purchasing an item/experience, walking a trail or donating to a charity.

How do I earn rewards?

Complete three or more activities on an Experience Card to reach 100 points! Once you do, you'll win an instant reward!